You need to be very attentive while riding a bike, but riding and thinking about something else simultaneously doesn’t need any secondary skill it is involuntary in men.

Men usually think a lot while riding bike especially when the road and traffic are well known. While riding a bike alone every man gets the best time for himself known as ‘ME- time’. It transports them to another world. So what do men really think when he is riding a bike? Thoughts can be random but they usually think in only 3 contexts. We will reveal it today


Thinks about his future

Most of the men who rides bike daily will agree on this that most of the future planning is done while riding the bike. Whether it is friends get together planning, vacation plan or birthday plans all such random planning are done while riding a bike. But the most common thought is related to career and life, they ask the question to themselves like- What I am doing with my Life? Where am I headed with my Life? Is this what I wanted with my Life? And then start to find answers one by one.


Thinks about his past

Thinking about past instance while riding a bike is very common in men. It either brings a small cheer on their cheeks or some tear in eyes. They think about the choices which they have made in the past and also regret for not taking some decisions. But the most common thought is related to the relationship. Men usually think about their broken relationship and get lost in the past world.


Planning of the day

We all are not lucky to have an assistant who could guide us the daily schedule. Men usually plan their day while riding the bike to work. Within a short span of the ride, men plan their whole day routine. But the most common thought they think is about – what would be the best excuse to tell boss or girlfriend for being late.

Many best ideas come when your mind is idle and you are alone. Someone rightly said that ‘empty mind is devil’s workshop’ but it is also true if you use your empty mind for something good you would travel to another beautiful world called imagination. Anything creative that you see today with your eyes was once imagined by someone.