Travel has many points of views. It is probably not as fascinating to those who travel on business for obvious reasons but to those of us who travel on pleasure, we definitely look forward to them. You may be on your way to a nice destination now!

Where to go? What to take? Who to go with? Yes there are a lot of factors on planning a good trip unless you are really spontaneous and feel like “winging” it. Most people like to plan things ahead of time. For instance: Where to go? Feel like browsing the states? The usual comes to mind: Goa, Agra, Shimla, Kerala. Whatever your style, go for it.


However, there are many hidden treasures in our country. If you’re a nature buff and like camping you might consider going south India perfect for hiking. If you are an adventurer that needs real challenges and surprises there is always in the mid-west. Few places in Maharashtra state and its border state offer most intense water sport activities which you might love to try once in your life time.

Not an outdoorsy person but still like thrills? Plenty of amusement parks in India Like Esselworld  which is India’s largest amusement park, Water Kingdom Asia’s largest water theme park other than this there are many small parks in other states of India.

If you however are considering a real calm vacation and just want to kick back and relax you have plenty of options as well. If you like snow Shimla and Kullu Manali can help with that. If you favor warmer climates there are Goa beaches. Many resorts and beach house rentals wait. It does not have to weigh heavily on your wallet at all.

Whatever your choice from thrilling to peaceful, be sure to take what you need, plan out the basics and just have fun.