In everyone’s life there comes an embarrassing moment where you regret or feel embarrass because of some uncontrollable or unavoidable situation. In such occasion, all you wish is to travel back in time and never make it happen.

When someone asked in Quora about their most embarrassing moment in Life, soon the website was flooded with the answers. You will really be amazed by reading the experience shared in Quora.

I have made a compilation list of some of the Best experience shared by Quora users which I can never even fantasize about

You could be the reason for someone’s Divorce


Written by- Lou Davis

I think that I possibly attract ‘awkward’ – many of my situations are work related. All of them fill me with horror:

A patient came into the department after a road accident with terrible injuries.
Terrible, but survivable.
I was told that his wife was on her way, and shortly afterwards that she was in our relative room.

As I walked out of the resuscitation area moments later, I found a young woman crying and asking about him, she told me she was his partner and I took her to see him so that she could be reassured.

She was standing holding his hand and stroking his hair as a colleague brought his wife through the door.

The first woman was a colleague with whom he was having an affair.

Bathing lesson learned


Written by-Varun Vas

So this happened when I was 15. Whenever I come out from a bath, I come out looking like this :


Since I don’t like putting my clothes on in the bathroom, I come out like this and change to my normal clothes in my bedroom.

Our house had a single common bathroom. Also, it was strategically placed such that you have to pass through the living room to get from it to the bedroom. So every morning you could see me making my daily trip from the bathroom to bedroom looking like Terry Crews.

One day I stepped out half naked and in the living room I saw a horror like no other. Sitting in the living room was my crush from the neighbourhood, her mother and my mom. Seeing her I panicked. I tried to play it cool and started walking towards my room.

With all the drama, I forgot to wipe my feet on the carpet so it was quite wet. The freshly washed floor tiles didn’t help either. I slipped and fell on the floor, sliding along like an airplane which had just crash landed. My towel came off, as I slided through the floor. The next few seconds seemed to play in slow motion. It felt like an eternity. In my panic to get up, I slipped again. Somehow I got up, took the towel and ran into the room. All the while, I was completely naked. Needless to say, I could never look at my crush again. In fact, I don’t think she ever came to my house again. My mom of course was making a mockery out of the whole thing and laughing at me, but it definitely was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me.

Embarrassing the Ambassador of Embarrassment

PC- pinterest
PC- Pinterest

Written by- Nidhi Nasiar

*In a typical voice of Michelle in American Pie*

So this one time at a place I call home, we were sitting on the dining table for dinner at night and I had the bad flu.

In the day I had gone around looking for the Vicks Inhaler in my mother’s cupboard, which is used for temporary relief from nasal blockage due to cold.

Here is an image attached purely for reference:

PC- Quora
PC- Quora

But instead of this, I found tampons there and to a 9-year-old, not too informed about the biological puberty processes, they looked similar.

Here’s a picture of tampon attached only for reference :

PC- Quora
PC- Quora

So, at the dining table when my father asks me to inhale deeply and show him how the flu was, I breathe in but with utter difficulty because of my blocked nasal tract.

Immediately, I take this tampon out, like a sword out of the sheath and say I have been inhaling this since the morning but it doesn’t seem to work so it’s not my fault.

Yes, they were shocked but that gave way to their uncontrollable laughter at my innocence’s expense.

Later when I was old enough to realise what I had done that day, I was crimson.

It still remains my mother’s secret and most powerful weapon to embarrass me (read : destroy) in front of my friends and relatives and she uses it to her utmost benefit.

Bad time to Visit


Written by- Alec Fane

My most embarrassing moment in front of my parents… Despite the huge number of contenders, the answer is easy.

It was a great year for me, I was 23, freshly graduated from university, had my own place for the first time, and in a relationship with a really amazing girl*. It was this relationship which would shortly become the source of the single most embarrassing moment of my entire life, to date.

My relationship with my girlfriend was marked by passion, fun and lust, more than love and affection. Consequently, ours was a highly sexual relationship. And well, long story short, we found ourselves enjoying a good session. She had me naked, tied to the sofa, blindfolded and was being very liberal with the application of honey before licking it off…
The first I knew of something being wrong, was my girlfriend screaming and running off, followed by the slamming of our bedroom door. Then, in tones of barely suppressed laughter, I hear my mother’s voice: “Bad time for a visit?”
And if that wasn’t bad enough, while my mother goes to find something to throw over me, to protect what little modesty I had left, I hear my front door close, followed in short order by a shocked gasp… My mother had come to visit, with my bleedin’ grandmother!
I was eventually released to get cleaned up and dressed, but the embarrassment didn’t stop there. Oh no, far from it. Because you see, both my mother and grandmother are stereotypically female in their need to gossip. So, as if being caught with my pants down and basted like a Christmas ham by my mother and grandmother wasn’t bad enough, by the end of the week, everyone knew about it. It was more than a year before my two best friends stopped with the “honey monster” jokes… And they still smirk whenever the ads come on TV.

*Or so I thought at the time… But that’s another story.

I am not the Poacher hunter!


Written by- Rory Young

I was once running a wildlife sanctuary and safari operation in the Zambezi Valley. During the wet season, the area was inaccessible by road and therefore very few people came to visit.

We spent most of our time at this time of year doing anti-poaching work. Two other camps from which anti-poaching patrols had also been active had been attacked shortly before this.

Due to the possibility of an attack on our camp, I used to sleep in a different empty room or tent every night. I always kept a loaded rifle next to the bed.

One night I awoke to a sound of voices whispering.

I rolled off my mattress and picked up the rifle and torch I had ready and quietly approached the gauze window. I peered out. There was quite a bit of moonlight and I could make out several figures moving along a path towards the main building. They had one small torch.

I had no doubts. There had been no sound of a vehicle or boat. My own team would not risk being shot by walking around the camp at night without giving a verbal warning first. I steeled myself for a fight.

I knew the paths of course and as I was barefoot was able to quietly sneak up on them. There were four of the bastards.

A few feet behind them I raised my rifle and switched on the torch, which I held under the barrel, at the same time shouting in the local Goba language, “IWE MIRAI!!”. They froze and two of them screamed.

Two elderly European couples stood in front of me with shock on their faces. They had turned around and were also shining their one torch at me.

I cleared my throat and said, “Sorry, I thought you were poachers.”

They said nothing and even more strangely the two women were looking everywhere except at me whilst the chap with the torch was now pointing it at him.

It slowly dawned on me. I was stark naked.

There was nothing for it but to behave perfectly naturally so I said, “how can I help you, folks”? I casually slung my rifle over my shoulder and put one hand on my hip trying to somehow look normal.

After a long pause, one of the men said, “our boat hit a sandbar this afternoon and we have been stuck most of the night on the river”. “Eventually, we managed to push it off but we couldn’t get it started and paddled downstream till we saw the light by your jetty”.

I directed them to the dining area, casually excused myself and nonchalantly walked off to get some clothes on. I later fed them and organised rooms for them and the next day got to know them. They were farmers from one of the tobacco growing areas. Everyone was polite enough not to mention my “commando outfit” of the previous evening and I naively thought that was the end of the story.

A couple of months later I was in a completely different country and met a couple who also farmed tobacco. They had never even been to the country where I worked. They asked me what I did and where I was based. I told them.

There was silence and I wondered what I had said wrong. Then the woman said to me, “are you the guy who runs around naked in the bush at night hunting poachers”?

A high voltage India Cricket Match

PC- Quora

Written by- Dhruvil Shah

Date: 23/03/2016

Scene: India vs Bangladesh T20 epic finish.

Preview: I am a hostelite studying in Ahmedabad and generally watch these matches at the hostel itself. This time, however, I was at my home in Vadodara.

The atmosphere of a cricket match at a boys’ hostel is very very different than that at home or any other civilised environment.

Yet an Indian cricket match gets you pumped up any day, especially when it comes so close.

Having recently watched the India-Pakistan T20 match at the hostel and from various social media posts, a relatively popular slogan related to Afridi was fresh in mind…

Cut to the last over’s “no return” situation:

2 runs required from 3 balls. Wicket on the next ball. There’s hope.

2 runs from 2 balls. Wicket again. Jadeja you beauty.

Everyone on the edge of their seats. Whatsapp groups overflowing with explicit content. People going nuts about a possible win. All eyes on the bowler.

2 runs from 1 ball.

Pandya bowls, batsman swings and misses,

Dhoni races the non-striker to the stumps and then…

At that very testing moment, I slip and utter the following (in gujarati)

“out che B******d out che!! ala jiti gya? oh F**k jiti gya ! F**K!”

(That’s out <swear> that’s out. Did we win? <swear> Oh we won !! <swear> !)

And then I realise the surroundings, and the blood runs right off my excited face when I start slowly turning around.

Bhai (Elder brother) barely controlling his laughter.

Mom with a face like she just saw an alien and wants to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Dad with a look of surprise trying to put on an angry face but not quite.

Few painfully awkward silent moments later, everyone resumed the celebrations on TV and I got away with a short lecture by dad later in private. Mom hasn’t talked about it since and doesn’t think she ever will.