Film Producers Association IMPPA,Ban Pakistani Artists In India


Following India’s surgical strikes on LoC on September 28, Indian Motion Picture Producers Association (IMPPA) on September 29 passed a resolution temporarily banning all Pakistani artists and technicians in India.

Indian Motion Picture Producers Association(IMPPA) passes resolution banning Pakistani Actors & technicians in India till normalcy returns

— ANI (@ANI_news) September 29, 2016

The association, looking at the current hostile situation between India and Pakistan, decided to ban Pakistani actors, actresses and technicians till the situation gets normal.

Popular Pakistani Artist Fawad Khan. PTIPopular Pakistani Artist Fawad Khan. PTI

Since the terrorist attack in Uri on September 18, there has been an uproar among people from different parts of India demanding to ban artists from Pakistan. In Mumbai, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) even sent out a warning to all the Pakistani artists in India, that they should leave the country within 48hours or face the consequences.Apart from MNS parties like shiv sena also supported the decision.

MNS also demanded a ban on all Bollywood films that are featuring these actors and actresses so as to show support to the country.

While many had come out supporting the ban, others had called the ban uncalled for and asked that cinema and political issues should be kept separate, which include bollywood super star salman khan.

IMPPA’s latest ban is likely to get a lot of reactions, though so far, Twitterati’s have mostly expressed support for it.

A comendalabe step by #IMPPA by banning Pakistani actors and actresses, we don’t need them they need us. It’s time to show them our worth.

— Aditya Singh (@adityatg7) September 29, 2016


IMPPA bans Pak artistes.No Pakistani artists or technicians wil b allowed to work in India
India screwing Pak completely.#IndiaStrikesBack

— MODIfied Ritesh (@riteshverma777) September 29, 2016