If you are reading this article you are a probable believer that girls do check out boys. Yes, they do. But girls have their own unique style and tactics in checking out. Unlike boys, they are smart, silent and quick. They usually keep the guy unnoticed when she is checking out.

We all are attracted to opposite sex (I am talking straight). It’s a no secret anymore, boys usually check out girls asset and love to blabber with their friends about what they like. Girls to check out boys asset especially the butt.

We human love if someone appreciates, praise or give compliments. Every guy would love to know what are the keynotes which most of the girl checkout. Guys, we bring you the list of five things which most of the girls usually check out in boys


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First thing first, yes your looks are the first thing which girl notice. Your charming face and bold looks are what makes them think further.


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They would just wait to see a smile on your face. You smile and there they watch you in a glance. A smile can become a turn on factor if you have a dimple on your face.

Body language and the talks

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Girls usually love to check out when you are with your friends. The way you communicate with others is something which never goes unnoticeable. Your language with proper grammar can certainly be an add on advantage.

Dressing sense

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This is the most common thing a girl notice about a guy. A perfect gentleman is the one who is dressed well. The way you carry yourself in that costume is what makes the girl look back to you. Be careful with what you wear and never go out of fashion.

The way you smell

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Be choosy with your deodorants or perfumes. Girls can smell you like an animal when you are just close around. It could be just another step to bring her more close to you. smell good.

Start grooming Boys because someone is waiting to check you out. If you have a crush and you want to win his/her heart then you should also read – 5 steps that can make your Crush Blush for You. Feel free to post your comments below if any.