These days dating apps like Badoo, Tinder, OKCupid etc are helping people to find a perfect date. No matter how many dates you have done till now, the first date is always special because it is filled with many surprises.

She said yes for the Date, now what? If you have the same question and confused what should be your next move to make the first date look impressive, worry not we have brought down you the list of Dos for your First date.

1Do the Homework


Yes. This is very necessary or I would say the most important part on a first date- doing your homework. Before you approach your first date get to know what does she likes the most and also what she hates the most. It could be anything or everything like about food, colors, places, friends, romance, adventure etc. This would help you to plan your date accordingly. For example, going to a Chinese restaurant as she loves Chinese cuisine or going for some adventure sports and then follow with coffee as she loves adventure.

2Decide the Location


Mostly the venue of the meeting is decided by the guy but be open to suggestions. If you are left to choose the location then be smart enough to choose a place which is convenient for both of you to reach and is also little away from hustle bustle so that you could spend more quality time together.

3Look Good and Confident


What clothes should I wear to impress her? So guys here is an advice wear something that goes with the occasion if you are going for dinner or movie on your first date wear something casual if you going for some adventure together then wear accordingly. Whatever you wear make sure that you are comfortable in front of her. Good dressing sense will help you win her heart to some extent.

4Be on Time

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So finally the day has arrived you are going to meet her. Be precise and clear with the timings and venue of the meeting. A small miscommunication can ruin your date. No matter what goes wrong, never be late on your first date. Girls hate it when you keep them waiting. If you are on time it makes them feel more valuable.

5Be Yourself


Sometimes you are stuck on how to start a conversation. So warm up for a healthy conversation, speak out the words and break the ice. All I can advise in such moment is to be yourself.

Many times while trying to impress your girl you lose your natural character. The moment girl notice that you are overacting, bang on you will lose her interest. Talk sensible and act sensible. A must advise for everyone don’t talk about your past or ask about her past on your first date. You will get plenty more time to discuss it on your next date.

6Gifts and Surprises


Who doesn’t like gifts and surprises? So if you want to surprise your girl on the first date a small gift could do the part. Now you are left with a question, what should you gift her? This is the time your homework would be put on test, gift her something which she is really fond of like jewelry, accessories etc. chocolates and flowers are most common and evergreen but make sure you don’t gift her something big like a teddy or bouquet etc. because she might feel uncomfortable to carry it back to home.


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Compliments are the best gift for a girl. Compliment her about smile, dress and the way she carries herself. Be honest and generous in complimenting a girl and always be careful in choosing the word. Because girls are smart enough to understand when you are exaggerating and when you are acting real. Make sure you don’t offend her by your words.

8Listen to Her and Ask her Questions

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She would love it if you can just give away your ears  (complete attention). Yes, Listen to her with interest and ask some valid questions if encountered any. By doing so she would feel that you both have common interests. Ask about her friends, hobbies and also crack a joke to lighten the moment. Girls usually love the guy who has a good sense of humor.

9Pay the Bill

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Make sure you are the one paying the bill for your first date. Even if she insists on not doing so and want to divide the bill, be adamant enough to pay the bill. It surely makes a good long lasting impression.

10Be a Good Finisher


Finally, the time has come to say goodbye. If you feel that you have done anything stupid and want to rectify hold on, this is the perfect time to make your date a memorable one. Express that you enjoyed spending time with her and ask if you can drive her back to home.

While having the last walk with her on your first date make her aware that you are excited to meet again. If you feel that she is comfort with your touch then give her a hug or at least shake hands it would be a good way to end your date.

But if you are smart enough and confident that she will response to your kiss then surely don’t wait for my advice just do it.