If you ever thought of giving up something today just hold on for a minute and let me give you a situation.

Just imagine this moment that you are running in an Olympic race representing your country, a proud feeling by itself. You are almost about to win the race but on your final lap you fall down, flat on your face. Would you rise to run for your country or stay down? watch this video

Now just think what would have happened if Heather Dorniden had never tried to run back? She would have regretted it her whole life and we surely would not witness her winning the race. Similarly, when life hits you down in any situation just don’t give up. Before you regret it start working on your goals, you might just be one step away from discovering your success.

What according to you is important, winning the race or not quitting? Always remember true winner is the one who never quits. The below video is about a true winner who lost his Olympic race but still won a standing ovation from the spectators.

You should have the spirit of winning but sometimes winning is not everything completing the race is also important. You can correlate this situation with your life. Many times in life we quit just because we feel that we are not going to achieve the end results but who knows you might achieve something more than you deserve only if you don’t quit.

let me give you another situation, just assume that you are the finest shooter and your life aim is to win a gold medal for your country in an Olympic. But one fine day you lost your shooting hand in an accident. Would you continue to conquer your dream or would you hold yourself back? watch this video

In life, we all have some desire. Don’t ever let this desire to fade away. It was Karoly Takacs desire to win a gold medal for his country and he won it with a single hand. You can also fulfill your desire in life only if you are stubborn enough to do it.