Performing pushups are the classic exercise that you are doing since you were in school. But because the lack of understanding of how to actually perform pushups, you have not yet got great chest size and shape.
Here’s how to brush up your push-ups, and arm out more reps today.

4Mistake : You only focus on the push.

The exercise is termed as ‘Push Up’ that doesn’t mean you should only concentrate while pushing your body up and ignore it while moving downwards.
It is because moving downwards also builds up your muscles. You don’t let just gravity to pull you down.

At the top of the pushup, act to deepen your hands into the floor by grabbing it with all of your fingers.
This turns on your lats, which you’ll use to pull your chest toward the floor.
Your lats are the important muscles in your back, so stimulating them not only helps with lowering, but also helps when it’s time to power up to the top.

3Mistake: Your hands are too far distant.

Setting your hands wide is a tricky way to do less work.
It reduces the distance from your body to the floor.
It also puts a greater pressure on your chest, increasing the stress to your shoulders.

Place your hands directly below your shoulders.
This allows you to keep your elbows tucked close to your sides, forming both your chest and triceps.
It makes the pushup harder, but it’ll make you stronger in the long run and protect your shoulders.

2Mistake : You don’t stretch out

Muscle tightens when a high amount of tension is applied by your body weight .
And while tension leads to power and size gains, it can also lead to imbalances and pain if you don’t free your muscles after the workout.
So you need to relax those muscles.

Perform a bridge stretch on a Swiss ball between sets.
How to perform bridge stretch on a Swiss ball ?
Lay your head and upper back on the ball, and move your arms out perpendicular to your body.
Allow your hips sink toward the floor. Hold this posture for 10 breaths.

1Mistake: Your neck moves unsteadily.

It occurs when your chest and arms are exhausted, and your neck extends out toward the floor.
Not only does it look stupid, but it drives your spine out of order and raises your chance of injury.
A complete pushup is when your chest, not your nose, touches the floor, he says.

Your body should make a straight line from your head to your ankles.

Here is the video which shows how you should perform the pushups.