You may not be able to digest this fact but species eating its own kind do exist and science called this act as Cannibalism. There are more than 1,500 species which show cannibalism and there are various reasons why specific species of animal kingdom show this behaviour.

We bring you the list of 5 species which eat their own kind and also the reason behind it

1Tiger Shark


It is a tough world for Tiger Shark. They show a different kind of Cannibalism activity known as intrauterine cannibalism where the most developed embryo will feed on its siblings for survival. The survival of the best happens in Shark kingdom which means the most aggressive shark will only give birth. So now you know the reason why Sharks are aggressive in Nature!



Chickens and other types of poultry have a social hierarchy referred to as a pecking order. Feather pecking is often the initial cause of an injury which then attracts the cannibalistic pecking of other birds. Cannibalism in chicken can be seen as pecking, tearing and consuming of skin, tissue, or organs of flock mates. There are many reasons behind this act like overcrowding, overheating, excessive light, inadequate nutrition, dead birds left in the flock, inadequate nest boxes etc

3Praying Mantis


When a female praying mantis bites the head off her sexual partner, it is probably not out of anger. Praying Mantis shows a different type of cannibalism known as sexual cannibalism. In this act, a female cannibalizes her mate prior to, during, or after copulation. In eating the male, a female ensures that he continues to provide for their progeny even after death — as food.



Rabbit often eats their offspring after giving birth showing cannibalism behaviour. This happens because of various factors like nervousness, neglect, and severe cold. The mother usually feels threatened by “predators” because people or animals are too close to the nest. She eats the babies to take away the appeal for the predators, in the hopes, she will live to breed a new litter.



Cockroaches are opportunistic and will consume anything that comes in contact. That is one of the reason that they are still able to survive ever since the dinosaur age. The main reason for cockroaches acting cannibals is because of food and regulation. Cockroaches can breed at an exponential rate so when the food becomes scarce, cockroaches turn to cannibalism to feed their hunger. It is important to note that their cannibalistic traits are purely a survival mechanism. It allows cockroaches to continue existing when there is little to no food available.