Shoulder exercises are one of the extreme exercises if compared to other body parts exercises.
Shoulder muscles pain is common in the gym going people. In each upper body workout you do, shoulder muscles are engaged in some or the other way. And if you perform this exercise with wrong understanding and balance, it will instantly create discomfort and spasms in the shoulder.
So for keeping your joint strong and muscular, you need to perform the best exercise.

The Arnold Reverse Shoulder Press


The Arnold press is often considered as the best shoulder-building exercise.

The rotational movement works on all three parts of joints—front, side, and rear.

But even workout named after bodybuilding legends come with some room for advancement.

Watch the following video and see out how Arnold press is actually performed.

By holding the dumbbells up with a neutral grip and then dropping them with an overhand grip—rather than pushing upwards with an underhand grip and flipping your wrists for the descent—you create a stronger, reliable form for your shoulders, says Gaddour, who shows the reverse shoulder press in the video above.

Go with moderate weights and more reps initially to get a feel for the flow before picking up massive dumbbells.

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