The artwork is strange. The artwork is so weird and significant and thus, awesome and various.

Though lots of people move the pen-and-paper route, a less popular strategy is taken by a several. Sydney-based performer Freya Jobbins drops into the latter camp. One look at her strange sculpture work will leave you asking a few questions, the most important of which being, “Why?”

1Weirdness apart, the level of skill listed here is flawless.

Weirdness aside, the skill level here is undeniable.
Freya Jobbins

2And, I am talking about, how ill is that this Batman’s bust?

And, I mean, how sick is this Batman bust?
Freya Jobbins

3But maybe you have looked at anything for too much time and recognised that what you saw simply was not ok?

But have you ever looked at something for too long and realised that what you were seeing just wasn't okay?
Freya Jobbins

4That is basically what’s happening here.

That's pretty much what's happening here.
Freya Jobbins

5Jobbinsand  claims that she pulls inspiration from “Toy Story”  and the work of Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo, that will be by no means astonishing.

Jobbins says that she draws inspiration from "Toy Story" and the work of Italian artist <a href="" target="_blank">Giuseppe Arcimboldo</a>, which is in no way surprising.
Freya Jobbins

6This is basically how I feel whenever I get a fresh blowout.

This is pretty much how I feel whenever I get a fresh blowout.
Freya Jobbins

7“The irony of my plastic works is that I take a material that was created to be touched and I make it untouchable as an artwork,” she writes on her website.

"The irony of my plastic works is that I take a material that was created to be touched and I make it untouchable as an artwork," she writes on her website.
Freya Jobbins
I digress, although I will identify several more explanations why I actually do not wish to touch this.

8This if you mix a few some rabbits, men, and some slasher-movie clowns right into a mixer, this is pretty much what you’d get.

If you dropped a couple of men, some rabbits, and a few slasher-movie clowns into a blender, this is pretty much what you'd get.
Freya Jobbins

9Simply joking, no it is not, although it is like Narcissus looking right into a pool.

It's like Narcissus staring into a pool, but just kidding, no it's not.
Freya Jobbins

10Current mood

Current mood:
Freya Jobbins

11Well, I can’t really live the same life anymore

But hey, if designers weren’t there to move up things, the planet will be a location that is dull. If you like for more information about that kooky inventor’s work, make sure to visit her website.

You can leave a comment with your artwork and we will make sure that it will be popularised.

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