A daredevil has had his stunt desire to jaw-dropping levels, by doing stunts that are mad on the unicycling over a chimney hole that is so high.

Flaviu Cernescu performed a number of methods that were risky along with the 840ft chimney, that will be among the highest buildings in Romania.

Unbelievable video of Ceausescu’s possibly dangerous stunts on the top of the chimney which will surely give you chills to your bone.

Hold your breath while watching the video.

While Cernescu shoots the video with GoPro, the most mouth-to-heart moment is when he dangles while crossing the chimney without any safety equipment.

But beware, the fearless stuntman has requested to beginners not to try to recreate his high-flying stunt.

They are highly skilled and because of continuous practice, they are able to do this without any fear and safety on such a high chimney.

I recommend you to not to even think of repeating this stunt.

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