When it comes to daily beverage drinks there are only two most common drinks in the world tea and coffee. Some like to have it early morning to kick start the day whereas others like to have it when they are stressed up. There are many variants, few enjoy it with latte cream whereas some like to have it plain. But drinking tea or coffee with sugar and milk may reduce its benefits to some extent.

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Tea is a rich source of antioxidants. They inhibit the oxidation of other molecules – oxidation is a chemical reaction that can produce free radicals, leading to chain reactions that may damage cells. Antioxidants help to keep us young.

Whereas, Coffee has caffeine which helps to restrict sleep and to be alert. The study suggests it also helps to relieve post-workout muscle pain. Research shows that caffeine intake could reduce the risk of developing Parkinson’s diseases. The average intake of caffeine per day should be restricted to 500-600 mg or else it could lead to other health problems.

Tea helps to keep your smile bright and boost up the immune system whereas coffee prevents tooth cavities. The study also suggests that drinking coffee reduces the risk of suicide and is less likely to suffer from depression.

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Drinking tea lower risks of cancer and increases the immune system it also lowers heart problems whereas coffee helps reduce heart problems, liver diseases and also fight type 2 diabetes.

It is hard to decide exactly which drink is better for your health. We have shared the benefits above and believe that you can decide the best drink for yourself. So choose your favorite drink and enjoy it with your loved and dear ones also share these benefits to them.